On biology

Here I will place posts that are primarily about recent observations in (primarily) molecular biology that while interesting in and of themselves (at least to a molecular biologist), also impact teaching.

Is it possible to teach evolutionary biology “sensitively”?  Aren’t all scientific ideas inherently unsetting to some one (or all of us)?– 10 June 2019.

Avoiding unrecognized racist implications arising from teaching genetics – 4 September 2019

Can we talk scientifically about free will? Is it even possible to answer the question, or does the answer reveal our predilections – and what are the socio-political implications of our answer? – 15 September 2018

Genes – way weirder than you thought. The ability to sequence the RNAs synthesized in a cell, and to identify the various (small) polypeptide made, we are beginning to appreciate the real complexity of the functional genome. 9 July 2018

When is a gene product a protein when is it a polypeptide? As we learn more and more the various gene products made in cells, the complexity of biological systems because more readily appreciated. 14 May 2018

Is it time to start worrying about conscious human “mini-brains”? As cerebral organisms get increasingly complex, will be able when they actually started to be aware of themselves? 1 August 2017